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Jan Hendrik Meier is an Expert for Infrastructure- and Virtualisation-Solutions with a focus on VDI enviromnments. He has a background of more than 15 years experiences with Microsoft- and Citrix-Products. Thus he has an excellent stock of knowledge in this area and combines this with a deep understanding of the technical connections. During his apprenticeship he had the first contact with an early XenApp/XenDesktop predecessor – MetFrame XP. He has deepened his knowledge in this area and extendet it to other Citrix Products like Provisioning Server and NetScaler. Furthermore he started using graphics acceleration in an VDI-Environment since the relase of NVIDIA GRID K1/K2.


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Jan Hendrik Meier

  1. Hi Hendrik,
    Could you give a worxmail.mdx file to me? I am not mac os .thanks.
    my email:

    • Hello Sam,

      sorry I can’t. You Need an Apple certificate for creating a mdx file – and apple only allows you to use the certificate for your own Company.

  2. Felix permalink

    Hi Hendrik, ich habe da mal eine frage zu deinem igel guide wo du windows installierst ! Ich habe einen igel H820C wenn ich auf entf. Drücke öffnet sich kein bios ist es Möglich das hier kein aufrufbares bios exestiert? Gruß Felix

    • Hi. Sorry mit den Geräten habe ich es nicht getestet – würde aber eher darauf tippen, dass es über eine andere Taste aufgerufen wird.

  3. Shaun Engelbrecht permalink

    Hi Jan,

    Looking to by your GPU book. I have deployed these solutions in the past, but always looking to improve. Your book is it a deep dive or beginners book? Do you give any best practises with related Citrix policies?


    • Hi Shaun, both 😉 So the book shows beginners how to plan / install / configure everything. Beside that there is monitoring / troubleshooting area and some other detailed descriptions (like calculating possible streams) included

  4. Shane permalink


    I’ve purchased your GPU you book and followed everything to the letter, but I’m not getting vGPU’s to work.

    I have a P4 Nvidia card in a DELL R730. Passthrough works fine, but everytime I try and change it to vGPU profile the virtual server takes around 5 minutes to boot, no errors but I can’t connect to it.

    Any ideas?


    • Does the Virtual Server show the vGPU in the device manager? ECC is disabled on the P4?

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