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Initial Configuration of Citrix AppController fails with the message “email address does not exist”

12. March 2013

If you try to configure the Citrix AppController this may fail with the following message:

The administrator’s email address does not exist in Active Directory. Please enter a valid email address.


This error might also occur if you have entered an existing email address. The configuration not only checks if it’s an valid email address for an Active Directory User – it also checks if the corresponding user has a first and a last name. So if you see this message just open the corresponding user and enter a first and last name. After this the error message should be gone.

From → Citrix, CloudGateway

  1. Brilliant post! The happened to be the exact reason you pointed out. The user needs to have a first and last name. Great work!


  2. Great, thanks. You saved me a lot of work 🙂

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