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Updated Citrix XenDesktop / XenApp 7.x PowerShell Documentation Script

13. May 2014

I have updated the XenDesktop / XenApp 7.x PowerShell Documentation Script. Next to a small bugfix I have added the Documentation of the Hosting-Connections. Thus the following things are now documented:

  • General Site Informations
  • Logging Settings
  • Licensing
  • Controllers
  • Databases
  • Administrators
  • Machine Catalogs
  • Applications
  • Hosting
  • Storefront Servers (not the StoreFront Config)
  • App-V Server

The following main thing is missing:

  • Policies


The script is divided into two files:

The first file is the script himself, while the second file is for an easy modification of the script-output for other languages.

Script Usage

To use the scripts a few prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • XenDesktop / XenApp PowerShell Extensions
  • Microsoft Word
  • XenDesktop / XenApp Admin Account (with at least Read privileges)
  • PowerShell Execution Policy
  • The script and the language file need to be in the same location.

That should it be – just execute the script. The script starts and creates an (invisible) Word-Document in the background. When it’s finished it saves the document with the name XD-XA-SITE-NAME.docx in the script folder.


The script supports (but doesn’t need) the following parameters:
-TextLanguage en-US
If you don’t want to have an output in the default language (English) you need to define the wanted language. Attention: Therefore you need a separate language xml file – see Language Files.
-DeliveryControllerAddress DeliveryControllerFQDN
If you run the script without this parameter it tries to connect to localhost – but if that’s not a Delivery Controller you need to specify it

Language Files

If you run the script – without creating a language specific xml file – the output looks like this:
Description: Description in the System language
If that’s ok for you – you have nothing to do – but if you prefer a complete output in your language like (in German):
Beschreibung: Beschreibung in Deutsch
you need to copy the file en-US.xml and rename it to e.g. de-DE.xml. After that open the new file with an editor of your choice. You now find a lot of entries which look like the following:
Now you need to translate the middle for every necessary line so that it looks like this:


The script is published under the GPL.



Any feedback would be really welcome – if you have something to make the script better or have any questions – feel free to contact me.

  1. Saadallah Chebaro permalink

    Thanks for your amazing work. I believe Carl should jump in for more customizations never the less a life saver your script.

    Thanks again.

  2. Sascha Meyes permalink

    Pretty Cool, Thx for sharing with us

    Works with XD 7.6….

  3. Temerita permalink

    In your script is a spelling mistake. You use the german word “Titel” instead of “title”.

  4. Nick permalink

    Hi Jhmeier,

    Can you please let me know how shall i use this script in my environment. I am using Xenapp 7.6
    I am little new in this field so if I can humbly request you to walk me through step by step please.

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