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Office 2010 Mui leads to big Citrix UPM Profiles

16. June 2015

Shortly after going live with a Citrix XenApp 7.6 environment I saw a massive growing of a lot of profiles- Their size was often more than 60MB – even if it was a task worker which only used the ERP Application and Microsoft Word. After checking the UPM Profile I found the reason for the big profiles – it was the Document Building Blocks folder from Microsoft Office under Appdata.
2014-11-24 11_28_01-RDS - DEDAM-SV0432 - Royal TS

(I know that there are some reasons for redirecting AppData but that wasn’t possible here and I had some problems with Programs when AppData was redirected in the past).

Inside the folder the following subfolders had been created:
2014-11-24 11_27_31-RDS - DEDAM-SV0432 - Royal TS

In the environment Microsoft Office was installed with different language packs. For each installed language a separate Document Building Blocks folder was created for each user using Office. In the following Technet Article is described that this behavior is by design. The workarounds is to move the files to a shared folder.

Another possibility is to remove it from the UPM Profile – but this has one side effect. Every time Word is started they are recreated. The easiest way to achieve this in Citrix UPM is to create (or change) a UPM Group Policy and add the folder to the Exclusion list:
2015-06-03 12_20_24-RDS - DEDAM-SV421 - Royal TS

AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks

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