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Removal of Citrix XenDesktop / XenApp 7.x VDA fails with InstallFailure 1603

9. August 2016

Some of you might have seen the following problem – the removal of the VDA failed:

If you check the details you get some more information’s – e.g. the removal of the Citrix Profile Management failed.

Removal of MSI Product ‘profilemgt_x64.msi’ (‘{9321930C-A53F-452C-80D5-AE1A8D69D9C0}’) failed with code ‘InstallFailure’ (1603).

Or the VdaMonitorPlugin_x64.MSI cannot be removed.

Well – but there is no solution shown how to fix it nor you can find a documentation from Citrix to solve the problem. You can’t just start the removal from the Control Panel – they are not shown under Programs.

Luckily Microsoft has published a really helpful Tool that helps to remove “problematic” Applications. After downloading open the Tool and press Next.

Now select Uninstalling.

You now get a much bigger list (compared to the one under Programs) – here you can see all Programs and their “Sub-Programs”. Now select your faulting part of the VDA – e.g. Citrix Profile Management.

Select Yes, try uninstall to start the removal.

The Tool now tries to remove the selected package….

… and resolves problems found during the removal.

After some time you should see the following dialog:
The problematic VDA-Component is now removed.

You can now restart the VDA removal like before – if another failing component is shown – just repeat the steps above.

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  1. sschaber permalink

    Thanks Jan to share this solution. I already ran twice in this issue.

  2. ottl05 permalink


  3. Jamie permalink

    Exactly what I needed – thanks for posting this

  4. Thanks, your post saved my day (struggling with pvd uninstall not working)

  5. Thanks for your post .. saved me a lot of time and effort !! Keep up the good work.

  6. Saft permalink

    Thanks, did work.

  7. Christopher permalink

    this saved my bacon!! worked perfectly. I was on the verge of having to rebuild about 8 citrix servers.
    thank you!!

  8. Mark S permalink

    This was great! i just matched the {ID in question} and you can hover over in the installer\uninstall and find the problematic service

  9. rlongnt permalink

    Thank you so much. This saved my rear today.

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