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Microsoft Office shows Network Printers multiple times when using Citrix Universal Print Server

16. September 2016

We had some users reporting that all Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook,…) show each Network printer multiple times in a XenDesktop 7 environment. The printers where connected from a central Print Server using the Citrix Universal Print Server. All users affected where using the same VDA Catalog.

When you checked the Devices and Printers area the network printers where only shown once.

Furthermore other applications only showed the printers one time.

After searching for some time I found a (hidden) Citrix Blog (!) post from 2014 which describes the issue for XenApp 6.5. Ok let’s check the mentioned Registry-Key



And look – it was the same problem. In the order key the Universal Printer was listed three times – and guess: The network printers are also shown three times.

So I removed the doubled entries and only kept the first Universal Printer. Moreover I removed empty lines at the end of the list.

After removing the entries and restarting the Print Spooler (with the corresponding Citrix Service) the duplicate printers in Word were gone.

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