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Scheduled reboots not working on Citrix XenDesktop 7.12

23. January 2017

Just a short one:
We had the problem that our scheduled reboots for a Delivery Group under XenDesktop 7.12 (not the new tagged based rebooting) did not work any longer. If you have the same problem contact Citrix Support and ask for private LC6766. This contains a new BrokerAgent.exe for the VDA which should fix the problem.

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  1. Matt permalink

    I am curious as to the actual behavior you experienced with the reboots failing?

  2. Terry permalink

    Same problem with our environment, thought it is because I’m half way through our upgrade from 7.11. Thanks

  3. Aaron permalink

    Turing off the reboot notifications for users in the delivery group was a workaround that Citrix suggested that worked for me.

  4. René permalink

    Turning off the reboot notification for users worked half the way.
    Some servers reboot, some shut down and stay shut down.

  5. LaCretia permalink

    Any chance you could share the fix? 7.13 was released yesterday and Citrix will no longer provide the fix. They force you to upgrade!

  6. Julian permalink

    Fixed in 7.13? Upgrades yesterday from 7.8 to 7.13 directly. Think I have the same problem now. Private fix LC6766 only for VDA 7.12?

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