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Scheduled Delivery Group reboots are not working after upgrading to XenDesktop / XenApp 7.12 / 7.13

15. March 2017

After upgrading Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop to 7.12 our scheduled reboots for the Server VDA Delivery Groups did not work any longer. Citrix provided us with a Hotfix (that’s also included in 7.13) – but even that did not fix the problem. To fix it we had to recreate the reboot schedule. If you now think you can just remove the reboot settings using the Studio you are wrong:

To see that the reboot schedule still exists you need to open a PowerShell and enter the following commands:

Add-PSSnapin Citrix*

You will now get a list off all configured reboots. The only thing changed is that the reboot schedule for your delivery group was Disabled:

For completely removing the reboot schedule enter the following command:

Remove-BrokerRebootSchedule -DesktopGroupName "DESKTOP GROUP NAME"


After that you can recreate your schedule using the Studio (or PowerShell). That’s it.

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