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NVIDIA Grid Version Overview

25. January 2018

When you have a look at Grid-Versioning you might getting confused by the Official Version Number, the Hypervisor Driver-Number and the VM-Driver Number. Especially when you have multiple systems and cannot upgrade all systems at the same time or would like to test new versions, it’s quite helpful to know which Grid Version is which Hypervisor- and VM-Driver version. Thus I created a simple table to show the corresponding versions:

GRID Version Hypervisor-Driver VM-Treiber (Windows) VM-Treiber (Linux)
4.0 367.43 369.17
4.1 367.64 369.61
4.2 367.92 369.95
4.5 367.123 370.17
4.6 367.124 370.21
5.0 384.73 385.41 384.73
5.1 384.99 385.90 384.73
5.2 384.111 386.09 384.111

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