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Creating/Installing an Exchange 2010 SP1 Single Mailbox Backup in HP Data Protector 6.11

8. April 2011

When you try to backup your Exchange 2010 SP1 Mailbox-Databases with HP Data Protector 6.11 there are some special configurations which have to be done for a working Single Mailbox Backup. In this short description I would like to show you which steps are necessary to create/make an Exchange 2010 SP1 Single Mailbox Backup with HP Data Protector 6.11.

1. Install the Data Protector Agent on the Exchange Mailbox-Server – don’t forget to activate the “MS Exchange Integration”.

2. Create an Active-Directory User (e.g. “Data.Protector” with an activated mailbox. Furthermore add this user to the Active-Directory Exchange-Group “Organization Management”.

3. Add this user to the Administrators-Group of the Mailbox-Server.

4. Install “Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects” on your Mailbox-Server. You can download the installation files from here.

5. Change the “Log on” of the service “Data Protector Inet” to the user which was created in step 2. And restart the service. (When you change the “Log On” the user automatically gets the right to “Log on as a service”.)

6. The next step is sometimes not necessary because it’s automatically done by Data Protector – but I would suggest you to do it so that you can be sure that it’s correctly configured. Data Protector needs a Mapi-Profile for a Mailbox-Backup. To create this Mapi-Profile the following steps have to be done:
Connect to the Exchange Server using RDP and log on with the created Service-User.
Open a CMD.
Change the path to: C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin>
Run: mbx_bar.exe create

If you now see a profile named “$$$Data Protector” –everything is fine and you can just click on “OK”. Otherwise create a new Profile with the name “$$$Data Protector”.

7. Finished Smile That’s it – now you should be able to create a Single-Mailbox-Backup in HP Data Protector.



When you miss one of the mentioned steps you may receive on of the following errors – or other ones Winking smile

A Login-Dialog is displayed when you try to configure a Single-Mailbox-Backup.

Or the following message is displayed:
[12:8562] The Data Protector Single Mailbox integration cannot be configured.


Hopefully I was able to help you with this post to backup your Exchange 2010 SP1 Mailboxes with HP Data Protector.

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  1. Lothar permalink

    Nice blog, I’ll try this next time.
    Is the Single Mailbox restore a straightforward process?

    Kind regards

    • Yeah it is a straightforward process – but it’s only possible to restore a complete mailbox and not a single item.

  2. Juanjo permalink

    Thanks for the howto but it doesnt work for me. When I try to create a profile with “mbx_bar.exe create”, I put the server and the name of the admin and it says:

    “network problems are preventing connection to microsoft exchange
    Server computer. Contact your system administrator if this condition

    • Can you temporary disable the Windows-Firewall on the Target-System and test it again?

      • Juanjo permalink

        Thanks Jan, but I tried and nothing changes, same error message.

      • And you see this screen (with no profile) on the exchange server?

        The Profile has to be created on the Exchange Server.

  3. WEugene permalink

    very usefull information but in my installation browsing mailboxes doesn’t work from DP backup job. I have tried 6.11 and 6.20 I’ve got the same error: “The database reported error while performing requested operation”.

    • Hey.

      Doesn’t it work when you create the job or when you try to restore? Sounds like an exchange rights problem.

      • WEugene permalink


        Yes, this was problem with exchange, we have installed second server and moved mailboxes. Now single-mailbox backup works very well.


  4. Felipe permalink

    I have the same error:

    “The database reported error while performing requested operation”

  5. I just like the valuable info you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and test again here frequently. I am fairly sure I?ll be told a lot of new stuff proper here! Good luck for the following!

  6. Jan permalink

    Is this going to work in an Exchange 2010 SP1 DAG enviroment too?

  7. Ray Diack permalink

    Hi Jan, in our environment we just have one multi-role server. Is it safe to install the MAPI / CDO tools on our server, given that it is also a CAS? This forum post seems to indicate that one shouldn’t do this:

    thanks, Ray.

    • Well it should work – but it is always better to split it and there may be problems if it is not split up.

      • Ray Diack permalink

        Hmm our company is fairly small so we can’t justify a separate CAS server. Any idea what sort of problems we’re likely to run into trying to set up single mailbox backups on our multi-role server? The only reason we want single mailbox backups is to make it easier to recover individual public folders.

  8. Sandeep VG permalink

    Dear Jhmeir

    I cant see entire milbox in DP.I can only see some very few letters and in that too not entire thing.I mean mailbox will be arranged in A to Z.but i see only S D and C. Please help me. Also Im getting “Database cant perform requested opeation” in other exchange node.Also please advise me how to find a particular mailbox.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hey.
      That’s a rights problem of the used user – than he is not allowed to access all mailboxes.

  9. Thank you for easy steps provides, and the snapshots can give also details to configure. Nice post, Thank you for your informative blogs.

  10. Kiker permalink

    About the error “The database reported error while performing requested operation”:
    You have to set the created service account (data.protector in this tutorial) in local security policies as:
    – Act as a part of operating system
    – log as a service
    – impersonate a client after authentication
    Steps for W2003: Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment
    In each policy mentioned above add the created service account.
    Good luck.

  11. Florin permalink

    for my enviroment dosnt work, any ideas?

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