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XenClient: Sleep Mode is not working

13. December 2011

Hello everybody – after a longer break (I traveled around in Australia for 5 Month and it was awesome!) here another short blog post:

While I was testing around a little bit with XenClient the Sleep Mode of the Notebook was not working. When I tried to manually activate the Sleep Mode the following message was displayed:

“Host sleep is disabled while in TXT measured launch”

The reason for this is quite simple: If this happens the TXT Function (Trusted Execution Technology) is enabled in the Bios of the Computer. After disabling this Function the sleep mode is directly working without any problems.

The explanation for this behavior can be found in the XenClient 2.1 Setup and Usage Guide on page two:

For the correct Function of XenClient the following things must be disabled in the Bios of the Computer: Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). (TXT and TPM support is available in the XenClient XT product.)

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  1. Mahee permalink


    I am using Lenovo T420 and I disabled the Security Chip from Security tab of the BIOS, still I am getting the same message.

    What else I have to do for this ?


    • Good questions – have you looked at the handbook and disabled all not mentioned settings?

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