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AppSense Personalization Server Configuration fails because “ServiceModel” is missing

28. April 2012

Hello everybody. Today I would like to blog about a “new” Topic: AppSense.

When you try to configure the AppSense Personalization Server on a non English Windows-System there is a problem with “repairing” one necessary “Prerequisites”. After launching the Configuration Wizward you might get the following information:


Normally you now just need to press “View” to get the following screen to “repair” the missing component:

After activating “Repair Selection” or “Repair All” it should look like this:

If you now click on close (or refresh) on a non english OS the Variance Report still shows a missing component – the same like before:

The solution to solve this problem is quite simple: Just install the Windows-Feature “Windows Process Activation Service” (in german it’s called “Windows-Prozessaktivierungsdienst” with all three components – it’s needed by the AppSense Personalization Server. After installing this feature you have to click on “Repair Selection” another time – but this time the Variance should be gone.

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