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Citrix Receiver: The configuration manager cannot be initialized

12. February 2014

Today I would like to describe you an interesting problem I had during my last receiver deployments. The start of the installation always failed with the message:

The configuration manager cannot be initialized.

2014-02-12 22_02_41-win7-en on W2012-LENOVO - Virtual Machine Connection

After removing all old Receiver Installations the error still occurred. I cleaned up the registry and file system and removed everything which contained Citrix – but still the same error.
The next step was to use the Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility (CTX137494) – normally this tool removes everything related to old Receiver or Online Plugin Versions. But this time this didn’t fix the problem – after using the tool the same error was displayed like before. Time for a more intensive debug and check with procmon which files and registry keys are accessed during the setup start. And there it was – the setup tried to access the following registry key:


2014-02-12 22_01_03-win7-en on W2012-LENOVO - Virtual Machine Connection

I removed the complete registry key and tried again to install the receiver – this time the setup started without any error messages and I was able to install the receiver.

2014-02-12 22_14_37-win7-en on W2012-LENOVO - Virtual Machine Connection

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  1. eclipse permalink

    thank you!

  2. r benci permalink

    wow! thanks!!!

  3. Justin permalink

    I have been searching forever to find a solution!
    You have been a LIFE SAVER since even Citrix had not provided a solution.

  4. jan permalink

    That worked for me. Thanks

  5. Nitro permalink

    Thank you! Confirmed that it`s working! Your are a clever guy.

  6. Trish permalink

    Thank you!!

  7. amiera permalink

    me toooo… you are my saviour..I’ve been waiting for this resolution about a year..thanks dude..

  8. Uwe permalink

    Super Tipp, danke!!! Unglaublich, was sich Citrix da leistet…

  9. Megha permalink

    Thanks man!! It saved my life 🙂

  10. Peg permalink

    Thank you….ditto on previous comments.

  11. Phillip Goffin permalink

    Thank you for this fix, worked perfectly

  12. Antonio permalink

    Amazing, thank you so much!!!!!

  13. Martin permalink

    It as fix my problem too
    I have citrix receiver enterprise 13.4

  14. Nirbhay Singh permalink

    Thnak You! It worked fine for me.

  15. Thank you so much!

  16. LegendOfVinnyT permalink

    Seven years later, and this fix still works! Thank you!

  17. iWouldHavedied permalink

    omg thank you, you also saved my life. Otherwise I would have died too like all the others here, and a funeral these days is really expansive!

  18. tom tester permalink

    This tipp really helped me out. 🙂

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