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GPU Powered VDI – Virtual Desktops with NVIDIA GRID

10. October 2017


As you might have noticed I only wrote a few blog posts during the last month. One of the reasons was that I was (secretely) working on a book about Virtual Desktops using a Graphics card. The ones which joined Thomas Remmlinger and my session @NVIDIA GTC Europe today already know that this book is now finished and available at Amazon. Only one thing – sorry for that – currently it’s only available in German. Hope you like it – if (not) please tell Smile.


  1. when would be available in English ? 🙂

    • Good question – maybe when I find a volunteer for the translation 😉 Currently working on another book…

  2. Eric Hosmer permalink

    When will the be a Kindle version in english?

    • Hi – not yet sure if I will publish one – the manual conversation (like for the german one) took much time and was really painfull – need to get some time to check how the automatic conversation (just for kindle) works.

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