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Published Applications blacked out / Published Desktop black borders with Citrix XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID

24. October 2017

During the last days I was facing an interesting error. Starting a published application from a Windows Server 2016 with a NVIDIA GRID vGPU only showed a black screen:


Interestingly it was possible to move the black window around and even maximize it. But it stayed black. The taskbar Icon instead was correctly shown:


Other users had the problem that when they started a published desktop they had black borders on the side:


To fix this they needed to change the window size of the desktop.

There was no specific graphics setting configured for the server – except from this one:

Use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions


The same problem is described in this Citrix Discussion. It’s also mentioned that LC7875 fixes the problem. Thus I created a Case at Citrix and requested this hotfix. The hotfix contains a changed icardd.dll (C:\Windows\System32). After installing the fix the problem was gone.

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