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Reduced Performance with Citrix Linux Receiver 13.7 / 13.8 (compared to 13.5)

1. March 2018

Today I would like to show you a current issue when upgrading your Linux Receiver 13.5 to 13.7 or 13.8. This is especially important for you when you are using Thin Clients. With a new Firmware a ThinClient Vendor often also updates the used Receiver Version. For example with one of the last Firmware’s Igel switched the default Receiver to Version 13.7. Unfortunately, it seems that there was a bigger change in the Linux Receiver, which leads to a performance reduction – especially when playing a video. This is a problem because it means that all HDX 3D Pro users are effected (HDX 3D Pro = H264 Stream). To show you the differences between both Receiver versions I created the following Video. Both screens are using the same Hardware / Firmware. Only the Linux Receiver Version was changed.

We currently have a ticket open at Citrix to fix the problem – but there is no solution until now available.

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  1. Thanks for this information !
    You point to the same problem with the version 13.8 while it did not exist on Igel ?

    • Hi. Yes – but the same issue occured on Fat Clients based on Linux. And there you could reproduce it with 13.8.

  2. Regards

  3. Steve permalink

    Hi Jan, did you ever get a fix or explanation from the call you logged with Citrix?

    • No explanation – but it’s fixed with 13.9. I guess they changed some type of codecs

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